Los Angeles Typographical Union ITU 174 at Angelus Rosedale Cemetery

Los Angeles Typographical Union ITU 174 at Angelus Rosedale Cemetery

One of the interesting markers at one of the old cemeteries in the City of Los Angeles. I’m not sure if the headstones behind it are ITU members, but they tended to have dates in the late 1800s to early 1910s.

ITU 174 Marker at Angelus Rosedale Cemetery
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Chesa Boudin Recall Aftermath

Several articles to read about the Boudin recall.






As I understand it, Boudin won because he got the votes of a Chinese candidate via instant runoff voting. So, these voters should have been coddled a bit after their votes were transferred to the DA.

It’s retail politics to take care of who got you in, especially a swing vote.

Jimmy Dore Coddles Fascists

This goes back over a year. I mostly missed it, but did hear about it. After having heard Dore on and off for a few years, I had a good idea where he was coming from. I was, and am, critical of these “left-right unity” efforts when people try to unite with people close to fascism. WSWS gets into it.


Whether he is aware of it or not, Dore’s statements calling for a “top-bottom” and not a “left-right” outlook are rooted in early 20th century fascist ideology. Basing themselves on the slogan “neither left nor right,” fascists called for the unity of the entire national “people” in direct opposition to the socialist struggle of the property-less working class (“the left”) against the property-owning big capitalists (“the right”). Despite its faux-populist language, fascism was ultimately a political tool of the capitalist class to mobilize the enraged petty-bourgeoisie against the socialist workers’ movement.

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Justice for the Roques


I spent the past week flyering about the racist incident, going to different places and explaining what happened, and trying to encourage them to sign up with the Filipino Migrant Center’s petition/list. Please, if you are in the LA area, sign up.

I care about this issue, because I’m also Asian. The guy could have been going after me in the drive-thru. If the system lets this hate crime fall through the cracks, it will encourage copycats: go after Asians from the safety of a car.

The Neighborhood Safety Companions released a meme to push the message.

FMC has shifted their focus on applying pressure on DA George Gascon to prosecute this to the fullest extent of the law.

My hot take is: what about the LAPD? They took forever to show up, and then flubbed and let the guy loose instead of taking him to jail. I hope FMC knows politics better than I do, and are implementing an effective strategy.

Anti-Pedo Fascists

Rabbithole time. I read about a fascists I hadn’t heard of. I’m guessing that this info is being siloed into the LGBTQ+ social cloud, and not leaking over into the antifascist or general progressive social cloud.

I found this article, The ‘Hunting’ of LGBTQ People Is the Far-Right’s Worst ‘Joke’, by Eddie Kim, at Mel Magazine.

They have a section titled Dispatches from the Manosphere, about the online male misogynist right-wing, with a lot of useful information. Unfortunately, their page navigation is absent, so you get only a couple weeks worth of articles.

The current constellation of far-right issues includes:

  • Accusing LGBTQ+ people of being pedophiles.
  • Joining with and co-opting the anti-mask/anti-vaxx movement.
  • Promoting white supremacy and anti-black, anti-BLM racism.
  • Explicit Anti-Communism.
  • Promoting Christianity.
  • Traditionalism.
  • Patriarchy.
  • Alliance with fascist Proud Boys group.
  • QAnon conspiracy theory.

This ties into the WiSpa protests in 2021, against trans people, and the anti-mask protests at Harlowe, and LA City Hall, where the same people showed up to create confrontations.

The movement, however, goes beyond confrontations with leftists. When these proto-fascists were in Glendora, a conservative city in Los Angeles County, they were not on guard. Rather, they were sedate, and the main political activity included:

  • Collecting signatures to recall George Gascon, a progressive reformer District Attorney.
  • Signing up to protest the Glendora school system for teaching about racism (an anti-CRT action)

Middle Class Resentment

Their strategy is to try and appeal to white people who feel victimized by the government.

At first glance, it may look like they are organizing only marginal people, but that’s not the case. They are also organizing resentful middle class people, mostly white, who fear change.

It’s easy to miss this if you ignore people and communities of color, who are more working class than white communities.